Our objective with every new lighting project is to translate the customer’s vision into an artistic reality.



Residential or commercial, large or small, new construction or restoration, we give our full focus to each client. Utilizing our experience, coupled with research into new products and manufacturers, we diligently work on every project to provide an amazing design and gain a satisfied customer.



At ALR, each new project begins with a consultation, both with the client and, ideally, the interior designer or architect. We believe it is crucial for us to understand our customer’s style and lighting goals, enabling us to incorporate them into the final design. Then, after we understand these elements, we move into the technical phase, determining lighting needs for each area and sketching the corresponding loads on the blueprints.

We next select product options for each type of lighting need, with a very strong focus on illuminating each architectural element, while simultaneously highlighting them and providing ambient light. The process continues with any needed additional conferences in order to discuss and finalize the best choices for the overall vision. Next, we handle  procurement details, and arrange for the installation of the fixtures. Lastly, we oversee any necessary fine tuning (light level, beam spread and aim, suspension height, etc.), ensuring a perfect final design.

11121 Mockingbird Dr,  Omaha, NE 68137

M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Sat by appt


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