With thirty years of control and automation experience, and a known leader in luxury control systems, Vantage provides owners with automation systems that give them the ability to personalize their environment effortlessly. Contemporary on-wall touchscreens and an intuitive mobile app offer a consistent user experience across platforms that makes controlling lighting, audio and video, alarms, surveillance, and HVAC systems as effortless as pressing a button or swiping to a widget. Vantage provides a simplified end-user experience by controlling the complexities of luxury living and working spaces.

Make it simple!

Whether in a residence, corporate conference room, or restaurant, lighting control should be easily usable by anyone. A first-time user to a conference room should be able to look at a keypad or touchscreen and immediately know how to get a scene activated or a light illuminated. A guest in a home should not have to be confused if they want to turn on the lights in a guest room. Keep it simple.

In today's world, dimming is accomplished via multiple means. In the past there was a wall box dimmer, but now dimming can be incandescent, low voltage magnetic (forward phase), electronic low voltage (reverse phase), 0-10 volt, DMX, or DALI.

At ALR, we can identify the required dimming for each load, and, with the Vantage Control system, provide end users with a smoothly-operated system. It is our objective to make the complicated simple.


Equinox 40


This lite version of our 4” titanium frame LCD keypad simplifies control of lighting, audio and climate in your home.


Equinox 41 and 73


The Equinox 41 and 73 provide a unique widget environment on the 4” or 7" LCD screen to easily control your home, with consistent interfaces on your smartphone or tablet.

Equinox 40

Equinox 41

Equinox 73


The Keypad Collection from Vantage enhances not only the capabilities of your system, but also the atmosphere in your home. At the touch of a button, you can alter the feeling in a single room or even completely transform your living environment. With three keypad designs, four button styles, and numerous finishes to choose from, you can create your own perfect look.

Square Touch

EZ Touch II

Fine Touch


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